What began as a 3AM writing session soundtracked by The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead and chain-smoking mellow American Spirits on the tranquil third story balcony of my college apartment, has led me here. To this. I created a zine titled American Spirits & Dead Queens the fall of 2016 not only as a pass or fail portfolio for my undergraduate studies, but as a diary, a playlist, a reflection of stages one through four of the grieving process. Half a year later and it feels unfinished. It is through photography, tales of my adventures, and actual playlists, that I hope to expand on this child o’ mine for the world-wide web to see.

You can find my work in zines and literary journals such as Nude, and Nasty Women Northwest Arkansas, both of which were put on by the talented fine arts photographer Helen Maringer, my own zine American Spirits and Dead Queens, published through the Tulsa based Broken Thumb Press, Northeastern State University’s The Talon, among others. Now here, on this blog I’ve tried time and time again to start. Intertwined with poetry, you will find my love for digital photography, hiking, and connecting with other artists. I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy creating them!

Your local Ozarkan sad gurl,

Alexandra M.